Endre is a Norwegian tapping guitarist. 

Tapping is an unique way of playing guitar. To make sound you push the strings onto the neck/fretboard similar to the way pianists play their keys. That makes it possible to play chords and bass lines with one hand and melody with the other hand. It can give the impression of two or three guitarists on stage when Endre performs. 

At the age of sixteen he was first inspired by the Norwegian tapping guitarist Ole Staveteig who very often played at Lektern, Aker Brygge in Oslo. Later Endre discovered other tapping artists like Vittorio Camardese , Stanley Jordan, Carlos Vamos, Tony Keck, Justin King etc. Since then he has developed his own style and way of playing 

With his beautiful sound and unique arrangements for guitar he is an outstanding guitarist that has captivated many souls of music lovers on his way.